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Related article: Starting from Cairo one morn- Betamethasone Clotrimazole ing about 7 a.m., I formed one of a party of twenty guns, each at- tended by a servant or shikari to carry lunch, &c. The journey Miconazole Clotrimazole takes over an hour. Crossing the Nile, we pass through several miles of arable land, till the train brings us to the edge of the Desert, where there is a long narrow strip of marshy ground between a canal and the wastes of sand Clotrimazole Betamethasone Cream which stretch away into the centre of Afirica. There are four pre-arranged stopping places where each party is dropped in turn. The guns are thus divided into four lines about three-quarters of a mile between lines and a quarter of a mile between the guns. Having reached our places, previously drawn for before start- ing, we wait for the signal to commence shooting. Duck and geese are probably 1 Clotrimazole all around you within easy shot. Upon the 32 BAILY S MAGAZINE. {January signal being given everyone com- mences firing, and the duck rise and fly round, making a tremen- dous noise in their alarm, the geese cackle and for an hour or so a regular fusilade is kept up. The duck coming from all sides and at different heights and pace, makes it very difficult shooting, Clotrimazole Lotion and you are also, probably, crouching in wet sand, with a few rushes for cover, which does not tend to improve your shooting. After about two hours' shooting the duck fly away and you have a wait of two hours or so. A walk round after a snipe, a talk to the next gim, an occasional shot at a duck and lunch soon makes the time pass. Other incidents occur. A lynx stalking a bird one of us had Clotrimazole Betamethasone shot, was disposed of with Clotrimazole Betamethasone Dipropionate a charge of No. 4 shot at 15 yards. He was a very fine specimen. A flock of ibis flying over high in the air look a pinkish hue against the blue sky, though really they are snow white. The Clotrimazole 1 Cream geese seldom come within range, but fly backwards and forwards, cackling the while and keeping at a safe distance. About 2 o'clock the duck begin to return, single birds or in small flocks, making it easier Clotrimazole Or Miconazole shooting. This goes on till about Clotrimazole Cream 4 o'clock, when we all make our way back to the railway line, shooting an odd bird en route, I shot a hare one day resembling a well-bred rabbit. They are very uncommon here. The train picks up Clotrimazole And Betamethasone each party in succession, and upon the bag being counted up, we find it totals some 700 duck, and teal of various Clotrimazole Ointment kinds. Each gun keeps what he has killed, and thus laden we Clotrimazole 1 return to Cairo, having had an excellent day's shooting, and whether we have been lucky Clotrimazole Miconazole in our places or held straight or not, everyone appears to have enjoyed himself. Snipe arrive in Egypt about the end of November Miconazole Or Clotrimazole and remain until February. Going out for a day from Cairo to the ** Barrage,*' a favourite place, Clotrimazole And Miconazole you ought to kill about twenty couple to one gun. But iti order to make a good bag it is essential to send a man out to mark the birds down ; the great secret is to take the ground at exactly the right time, when there is just the right quan- tity of water on the ground. Even then a heavy shower of rain, which is of common occur- rence in the winter, may make the birds leave the ground in a few hours. Thus snipe-shooting, i.e.f making a good bag, is a great deal a matter of Clotrimazole Cream Usp luck. I spent two days last Christmas at a place called Uses Of Clotrimazole Sherbeen, on the river, near Damietta. The ground was not in good order, as we had a lot of rain and there was too much water, and we only got about 50 couple. It is, however, an ideal place for snipe, large marshes stretching for miles. It is very bad walking, as you sink up to your knees in thick mud every other step, and there are several ditches intersecting Clotrimazole Dipropionate Cream the ground at intervals, which take you up to the waist if you try to cross them, which to avoid a long circuit you frequently do. This makes the shooting very hard work and also difficult. The snipe, as a rule, sit close, unless there is a wind. You find a large percentage of jack snipe. Many people think le jeu ne vaux pas la chandelle, but the same arguments in its favour apply as they do to duck shooting. The largest bag I heard of this year was 80 couple to one gun, an ex-Life- guardsman, who is an excellent shot. The usual plan is to walk in line, and it is exactly the same as shooting at home, except that i9oa SHOOTING IN EGYPT. 33 you often find saipe among the cultivation, chiefly in the cotton, provided there is water on the ground. Quail arrive in February and leave about the middle of April. A licence, costing ;^i, is required to shoot them in the districts around Cairo, as so many people go out that the damage they do walking through the crops is considerable. The money thus collected is distributed among the villagers over Clotrimazole Cream 1 whose ground you shoot. Some of the best shooting is round Ayat, and from the Sykara Pyramids to Ghizeh. This season was a bad one, and thousands of quail are annually netted and sent alive to Europe. This traffic is increasing, and there are undoubtedly fewer quail than formerly. You shoot quail in the same way as partridges, in turnips, walking, however, through the standing crops of barley, &c., when they are nearly ripe. The beaters walk close together and keep an excellent line, making the whole lime a guttural noise which re- sembles a person gargling. This they keep up incessantly, and it is rather apt to get on one's nerves. The object of it is to make the quail rise, as they sit very close. Until you get into the way of them, quail are not so easy to shoot as you might expect ; they offer a very small target and they fly at a great pace. A friend and I killed no birds in about four hours one